Sunday, November 30, 2008

Observations for the final essay

For the past couple of weeks, I have been observing the Web 2.0 medium eBay. On this website, people are able to buy and sell items from other people or businesses. I previously have used eBay therefore I have my own account. Being a member provides me with reminders, a summary of my account, items that I am watching or bidding on, items that I am selling, and items that I have won and not won. When you first go on the site, there are categories to choose from or you can type in what you want. Now that it’s getting closer to Christmas time, there is even a link of Christmas gifts you can purchase for your significant other and family members. You can purchase items from businesses or eBay users.

eBay relies heavily on trust. People must trust the person that they are buying the item from that it is exactly what they said it was and that they ship it to them. What helps with this is the option of rating the seller and making comments about them. People are less likely to buy a product from you if you have a low percentage and there are negative comments written about you. I once purchased an item on eBay and never received it, but thankfully to the new payment system PayPal (electronic way of making payments and money transfers), I received my money back. You also get feedback from the seller so if you did not have a good transaction due to not paying fast or not paying at all, that hurts your reputation as a buyer.

I really do not know that much about eBay and plan to do a lot of research to further my knowledge and become a better user on it.

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