Tuesday, November 11, 2008

blog #5

Today, being Veteran’s Day, I figured that Debbie would’ve posted a lot of blogs about it. To my surprise, she only posted one. I had the same feelings as she did about how not a lot of attention from the media dedicated to this day. I would’ve never even have known based on the Wall Street and Albany news that it was a holiday and actually a parade down the road from me occurred. I commented, under the name gamegrl23, about how I agreed with her and enjoyed the two pictures that she put up. I also decided to look at her movie reviews today, which I had not done before. I felt she was a little harsh on one particular movie, “Role Models”, because I didn’t think it was as bad as she is. I also found it interesting that she had a “Discussion” tab on her blog that was a group dedicated to promoting, discussing, and publicizing her writings. The category that was used for what type of group it was is “Journalism.” One question that was asked on her discussion board was about how she jumped from journalism to something more creative. I find this interesting because people think of blogging as more creative then journalism, something that professional writers may have a problem with.

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