Monday, November 10, 2008

blog #4

One of the blogs that Debbie wrote today was about the USA today paper and how it was promoting tourism to Iran. She goes on to say that now with Obama as president-elect, we will be seeing a lot more of these types of things. What was very interesting today was that someone stuck up for the paper and disagreed with Debbie, than was later called a troll by another commenter. I find this interesting because I had yet so see any type of troll activity, but I guess after today there is. One criticism I do have for Debbie’s blogs is that sometimes they are just too long. A lot of this is due to the fact that she posts a lot of long paragraphs from newspapers. She also is very harsh on Obama and other Democrats, but after all the wrong and mean things that have and are still being said about McCain, it’s such a change to hear Obama bashing. A lot of her writing also has a lot of emphasis on Jewish people and the false information that has been passed through history. With her being Jewish, it’s kind of hard to look past any type of bias that she may have.

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